In June 2016, School Revision imagined what school life for young, trans people could look like in the future. Organised in collaboration with Juno RocheWipe Out TransphobiaGendered Intelligence and All About Trans, the day-long event was held in a primary school and planned around the daily life of gender variant school pupils. Participants from the trans community, education sector, local authorities and the media were invited to take part in interactive lessons and workshops throughout the day. Lessons include Biology, P.E., Design & Technology, Drama, Media Studies and more.  These were designed as if the education environment and curriculum was inclusive of trans and non-binary people. Participants then had an opportunity to network and take useful resources, valuable learning, and practical action points away with them which could be applied in the workplace.


Jo was invited by Gendered Intelligence to deliver the Media Studies session that formed part of the class schedule of the day. The session considered negative trans stereotypes in the media and opened up conversations around issues of hegemony, socialisation, negative societal attitudes and considered what positive trans representations may look like.

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