Jo has been actively involved in decolonising creative arts curriculums throughout her fifteen year teaching career in the FE and HE sector. Up until 2017 this primarily took place in her classroom practice and in planning a holistic and authentic curriculum that fairly and accurately represented contexts, histories, and individuals.

Since 2017 Jo’s decolonising activism has moved to outside the classroom. This includes working with the UAL Decolonising the Arts Curriculum movement and recently publishing in this area (see; Decolonising the Creative Arts Curriculum in Whitespaces in Progress in Education).

The network’s engagement with this focus is ongoing so keep checking back here for updates on what we are up to. If you are an Arts (or Humanities/Social Sciences) practitioner/academic/pedagogue and are interested in decolonising the curriculum or your institution, do get in touch to discuss ideas/collaborations as we would like to build as much momentum as we can with this movement.