Leslie Emanuel on his work

A videographer and scriptwriter, my work is inspired by past present experiences and the subtly of non-verbal expressions. Having Dominican parents and born in the UK, but also feeling a disconnect has placed me on a journey of self-discovery. Racial injustice, human behaviour and emotions are topics I like to explore. Any subject matter I tackle will always be executed abstractly, reflecting on how I view the world.

(In my view) historical and important information has to be delivered in a way which holds your attention, deconstructing the lies taught… I have been labelled a visionary geek, which is something I cannot deny. Telling a story with creative passion is awesome, it’s more than awesome, it’s my life.

Video 1 >  OPEN

Video 2 > MARCIA X – The Voice

Artist Marcia X is a Puerto Rican American artist working with installation, performance, painting and film. Their art practice and research is a development of what they call the e existential, cultural crisis women of color experience in the Diaspora.

Their current research project primarily focuses on how to confront architectural and colonial symbols of the state’s power through Afro-Indigenous Puerto Rican spiritual markers and performance. Confronting sites and monuments directly related to Puerto Rico’s early colonial history, the unseen qualities and histories are unearthed by the corporeal presence of the artist. The textual component of the research project is a discursive analysis of Afro-Indigenous subjectivity through the lens of phenomenology, hermeneutics and intersectionality.

Their inspiration primarily is found in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and its Diaspora, and how Afro-Indigenous people use Afro-Spirituality as a tool for self regeneration and resistance.