Turquoise Bee uses photography as a medium to produce messages and meanings relating to identity and social positionally through the use of juxtaposition and sometimes, satire. Turquoise Bee uses a range of locations, contexts, and perspectives in their work.


Triptych: SAME SUN

This triptych piece called ‘same sun’ draws attention to the universality of the sun and its indiscriminate nature and the irony of this in the context of a discriminatory world.


‘School where I went, now behind bars’: This image speaks to schooling and violence.



Beauty of my Home speaks to the tensious connection between diaspora, belonging, and ownership of one’s home.



                                                  Spiritual Limbo




Triptych: Oppressed in Silence

This triptych draws together different locations and contexts to represent themes of loneliness and mental health, and ties this to concepts of otherness and oppression.

“A very English … ”








‘Black History is just history …