This arts activist folk punk collective use improvisational approaches to shed light on the counter narratives surrounding social inequality, diaspora, and identity.



10 Spoken Words: Taking a ‘punk approach’ to intellectualising social inequality!

This exhibit shares excerpts from their first album ‘Our Truths’ which they recorded live during first improvisation.

       Note: Tracks vary in length, ignore timestamp

Pick a Stanza: Using the metaphor of poem and narrative, this track speaks to issues of having our stories told by those that haven’t experienced them.

‘If you’re not Brown’ challenges the racism that underpins migration and state narratives. The track questions the the betrayal of omitting colonial histories and the contributions of Black and Brown ancestors and migration policies in relation to melenated post colonial former subjects.

“I’m not your educator” speaks to issues surrounding the centralising of othered bodies in having to educate those that have othered.

This political track speaks to the recycling of Thatcherism in the climate of white liberalism.

This track considers the invisibility of othering others and speaks to the feelings associated with such invisibility.

This track speaks to the struggle of socialised marginalisation and trying to position oneself in amidst it all.

Ben from 10 Spoken Words explains some of their process and what he likes about working as part of the collective (plays in correct rotation).


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