We are delighted to be exhibiting artist Rachelle Romeo’s work entitled  “Identity”, (2018) , which explores the recent “Windrush Scandal”.

Rachelle Romeo is an Artist, who was raised and currently lives in North London, inspired by her experiences, social interactions, and surroundings.Rachelle expresses her opinions and thoughts through the mediums of embroidery and other various artistic processes including print and paint. She hopes to share her vision with the viewer, hoping to create a connection between them, evoking thought and emotion- positive or negative.”I guess its because it’s lonely thinking you are the only one in the world that thinks these things or has these experiences…”

Rachelle describes this work as “an emotional reaction to the treatment of my father by the British government. Communicating the turmoil of those who have been affected by recent events, named by the media and politicians as the “Windrush Scandal”. Exposing the pain, abuse, confusion and loss of a group of people who thought they were “British”, as that was the identity forced upon them. The History of the West Indies shows that people had been stripped of one identity and were forced to use another for the financial gain of their colonisers… “Identity”, (2018) explores the feelings of being disowned by the only nationality you know and the impact it has upon their lives.  It also celebrates the triumph of West Indians and their allies; fighting against the government, having our united voices finally heard.”

 “Identity”, (2018) 

Rachelle has recently exhibited  “Identity”, (2018) at a series of exhibitions in London, including the Perspectives Art Exhibition at the Reel Rebels music studios, in Stoke Newington, a one day pop up exhibition at the Hackney Windrush Tea Party, in a solo show at Studio 73 in Brixton Village. In addition to this exhibit, she has also recently exhibited as part of the “Just the two of us Festival fundraiser” at Reels Rebels Studios in February, 2019.

“I always thought of myself as one of Britain’s children, but now, who am I?” Powerful words from Rachelle Romeo as she puts spoken word to her artwork “Identity”, (2018).

Voice and Artist: Rachelle Romeo. Production Team: Sebastian Pacher, Cristian Smith, Hass Alkatib and Tomasz Fabian and Going Underground

Video and stills courtesy of the artist.