The Social Performance Network is a project that has organically grown out of art, research, teaching, and activism interactions. It has taken many years to reach an articulate inception of this work,  which is focused on the centralising of individual voice and lived experience in developing holistic understandings of social phenomenon. The Network collaborates with artists, activists, and academics, to create such spaces and promotes an ethos of nuance to conversations relating to identity, including race.

Since it was established in December 2018, the Network has engaged with a series of events including work with State Violence Network, COMMON, Digital Maker CollectiveWhiteSpaces, and Unspoken. We have also participated in events at the TATE London, as part of the Vault Festival, as well as at universities across the country.

In 2019, we launched our ‘De-socialising through Art’ series which offers a platform to multimodal artists focusing on issues of diaspora. The Network is currently hosting a range of artists, including Rachelle Romeo, Yasmin Nicholas, and New York artist Kofi Forson. In 2020, we expanded this concept to ‘De-socialising Practice and Ideas’ to include poetry, prose, and essays.

Artist: Yasmin Nicholas Artist: Yasmin Nicholas

The Social Performance Network continues to evolve under the mission of ‘research and practice that curates art and discourse on concepts of social performance to facilitate holistic understandings of the social world, and a reimagining of our place within it’ and we are very excited to see where it goes next year. You can find out more about the network by seeing the tabs to the left or by following us on Twitter.

We are a non profit volunteer led network.