The Social Performance Network is delighted to host Pakistani artist Maham Sohail as part of our Desocialising Through Art Series. 

Currently a student at Beaconhouse National University, majoring in Visual Communication Design, Maham is a Lahore based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. When asked about her work, she says

I enjoy making witty art to get messages across regarding real world issues as well as incorporate many surrealistic themes within my work.

She will be sharing her ‘Stay at Home’ series with us as part of this exhibition. When asked what inspired this work, she says

Recently while staying indoors due to the pandemic, I was unable to gain inspiration from my regular surroundings and had to make do with what I had at home. I was thus able to create the below series I call the “Stay at Home” series. It consists of various objects found at home, but with the text replaced in order to convey important messages.”