Artist: Roughneck Jihad MC

The Social Performance Network is delighted to be hosting LA based artist, Roughneck Jihad MC, as one of its artist in residence as part of the Desocialising Through Art Series

He is a self taught MC who started rhyming in 1988 during the Golden Era of Hip Hop!

Roughneck Jihad is a veteran MC originally from the Northern California now living in Los Angeles. Northern California is the home to several diasporic communities and getting his start there he has always been a part of diverse teams of creators.  Bay Area team of African Americans and Pilipino Americans. Solo career working with German, Spanish, French, British, Dutch, Japanese and Italian creators. This supplemented his private pursuit of knowledge.

He has demonstrated a commitment to excellence of technique by utilizing his ability to combine narrative poetry and a dark sense of humor into a huge catalog of music. He has managed to stay original while doing what others are doing but doing it with greater depth and detail. In 2007 he and his group Third Sight toured Japan, which he says, was a great eye opening experience.

“It was amazing to see that a Hip Hop diaspora was alive and well in Japan.”

His body of work includes 15 Albums as well as numerous EPs and features. Releasing all his albums independently, he has been able to maintain full creative control of all his content. This enabled him to comment on the Iraq War, regime change, Marxism, and torture along with anything else that came to mind but especially the aggressive defense of the art of rhyming itself. His subject matter has been informed by his intellectual curiosity. Reading has always informed his writing and he regularly researches topics before writing about them and has a special interest in the study of Pan Africanism, Socialism and resistance to colonialism in the global south.

Jihad has a BA in Africana Studies from Cal State Dominguez Hills.


You can access and purchase Roughneck Jihad MC’s full Discography at Bandcamp by clicking this link  – We have worked with the artist to showcase a selection of his work here as part of this exhibition.

Rhymes like a Scientist




Regime Change

Blow Hard

Red Sentence


Artist Contact 

Twitter: @roughneckjihad

Instagram: @jihadtheroughneckmc